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Naam Danieljak
Datum 19-06-2019 02:16:51

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Naam Martin Simms
Datum 23-12-2007 11:34:38

Dec 07; If you fancy sending us a review of our latest recordings, we'll get it up on the site for all the world to read!!! Enjoy.x

Naam Edgar de Graaf
Datum 28-06-2007 20:45:23

Iam looking forward to see you perform live
next friday.

We from club-los have a few surprises in store for you guys

see you



Naam vicky
Datum 07-03-2007 17:28:27

Have just been looking at your site and am really impressed!!
Really enjoying the latest CD(acoustic especially)
Looking forward to hearing you play live soon..
Best regards to you all.
vicky x

Naam Jaffa
Datum 09-01-2007 19:27:21

thanks 4 the cd, an the card, we r goin 2 keep electric eyes ON YOU!

Naam Martin
Datum 20-11-2006 14:21:03

Hi, we spent yesterday (19.11.06) in the recording studio. We re-recorded 'If That's What it Takes' and 'Amsterdam by Coach', for the pending "electroaccoustica" double CD. Plus our newest creation 'A Civil Rights Movement For The Soul!'
All three will be on the new CD, hopefully in December. Enjoy!

Naam Ingrid
Datum 09-11-2005 20:41:55

Sorry, was trying out a bit of illegal advertising!

Naam radio8
Datum 08-11-2005 21:54:48

The Goulbourne Wrexham

Naam Webhostess
Datum 08-11-2005 21:47:38

The Goulbourne Wrexham Clash tribute band Radio8

Naam Ingrid
Datum 12-05-2005 16:03:00

If Jan's coming on the 5th I'm coming too! Are you coming too unc? And what about that smart looking bloke in the black suit and Clash T-shirt?

Naam Jan
Datum 12-05-2005 15:18:30

You're playing on my birthday august 5
I'm coming!!!


Naam Tjander
Datum 17-04-2005 21:35:19

leuke site

Naam Ingrid
Datum 12-04-2005 16:35:15

Uhm unc .... I haven't practised dyer maker that hard .... do I look stupid if I keep a piece of paper with me?

And Help in Bm too?

Naam simmsie
Datum 12-04-2005 11:44:57

INGRID X. She's not there is in Gm, and yes I'll play Dyer Maker with you - in C !SEEYOU ON FRIDAY. X. Unc

Naam Ingrid
Datum 06-04-2005 18:58:40

P.S. Martin: unc, Mike the drummer and I have a request: D'yer M'ker by Led Zeppelin, what do you think?

Naam Ingrid
Datum 06-04-2005 18:52:45

Unc! You here? Can you do She's not there in Bm?

Naam simmsie (unc)
Datum 06-04-2005 10:42:08






Naam Martin
Datum 12-03-2005 11:28:18

eight rehearsals are now underway, in readiness for the Amersfoort gig on 15th April. If anyone has any requests they would like to hear on the night, you'd better let us know ASAP.
We're looking forward to it!

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